Kids need protection, but parents aren't always available to defend them from other adults or from bullies at school. Bullying in particular is a problem that kids often face by themselves. Unfortunately, many kids aren’t physically or mentally prepared to stand up to bullies and have a very rough time because of it.

But that can all change with self-defense classes for kids. Self-defense martial arts training is a very valuable tool that your child can use to:

  • Protect themselves from bullies at school and elsewhere
  • Defend themselves from potential hazards, such as dangerous adults
  • Improve their self-image and self-confidence
  • A great deterrent from drugs and gangs
  • And more

PANTHER offers self-defense classes for kids that combine a variety of martial arts techniques, drawing from the kickboxing and taekwondo schools of martial arts. We offer group classes and private one-on-one training sessions so we can meet your unique needs and schedule.

Self-Defense Classes for Kids at PANTHER

Lots of self-defense classes at other martial arts schools teach the bare minimum necessary to get out of a hold or to run from a fight. While these are valuable techniques that we also teach at our self-defense classes, we go above and beyond, teaching more than what's offered at most other martial arts facilities.

It all comes together with our Bullyproof system. Our system involves teaching kids not only how to defend themselves physically, but also how to prepare and defend themselves mentally against bullies. In addition, the techniques we teach will help kids learn how to use their bodies for self-defense and how to harness their minds for improved focus, sleep, and even study habits in school.

In total, a kids’ self-defense class at PANTHER is a priceless gift - whether your child progresses all the way to Black Belt or only stops by for a class occasionally. At PANTHER, each of our trainees is part of our family, and we stand up against bullying using the following major techniques and class elements.

PANTHER’s kids’ self-defense classes emphasize defensive techniques first and foremost. We teach our trainees how to block attacks using their arms and legs, drawing from martial arts schools such as taekwondo and kickboxing.

But we also teach trainees how to disengage from fights and escape danger when necessary. These are invaluable tools that can help kids improve their self-confidence and self-respect and make bullies seem far less threatening than they once did.

We also teach trainees several striking techniques they can use to defend themselves, bolstering their hand-eye coordination and strength, as well as improving their self-confidence. We draw our striking techniques primarily from kickboxing, though our trainers also instruct students on the basics of martial arts such as Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu jitsu, taekwondo, Muay Thai, and karate.

Most importantly, we teach self-respect and discipline alongside striking techniques. Martial arts training is only as effective as the person using the techniques, so we ensure that each of our trainees knows how to use their new skills appropriately and respectfully, and in the right contexts.

A proper self-defense class emphasizes self-defense techniques that kids can use while they are on the ground in real-life scenarios, as well as the means to get back up quickly and flee a larger opponent. Our self-defense classes for kids teach Ninja Tumbling and other techniques to help kids get out of holds, protect themselves if they are on the ground, and more. Our classes also draw on the principles of Judo to focus on escaping holds.

All in all, PANTHER’s self-defense courses for kids are all-encompassing and comprehensive. But we always ensure that the material we teach kids is appropriate for the ages of our trainees. Younger kids learn the basics of self-defense with guided, age-appropriate instruction, while the older trainees are taught more complex techniques better suited in a self-defense situation.

Self-Defense Classes at PANTHER

At PANTHER, we know that every kid is unique and every trainee has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled to reach their maximum potential. We don’t force trainees into boxes, which is why we offer both group kids self-defense classes and private one-on-one training sessions with one of our Black Belt instructors.

The group sessions are excellent for kids who want to socialize or build their self-confidence alongside other trainees. But if your child is shy or hasn’t practiced self-defense before, one-on-one sessions are available so they can build up their skills and confidence by themselves before joining the group classes.

Benefits of Self-Defense Training for Kids

Self-defense training provides several key benefits for kids, especially when they attend programs as comprehensive as ours.

All self-defense trainees gain additional self-confidence and self-discipline. Even kids who may have been bullied in the past can receive the tools they need to protect themselves and the discipline to use those tools correctly.


In this way, PANTHER’s self-defense training for kids not only helps children physically but also helps them emotionally and mentally, which offers long-lasting benefits for years to come.

Each of our kids' classes, whether for self-defense specifically or for other martial arts training, emphasizes self-respect and teaches respect for others. We aim to stop bullying at the source and ensure that each of our trainees knows how to use their new physical abilities correctly.

Self-defense training is necessarily physical, so our classes can be a great way to make sure that your child gets some physical activity each week. As trainees build muscle and physical fitness, they also see boosts to their confidence.

Spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and mental fortitude are cornerstones of our self-defense classes. These extra benefits are great not only for self-defense but also for helping kids feel safe and comfortable while in public, at school, or in other environments.

In-House Gym Access

We understand that parents often want to be with their children while they go through a martial arts program. We want to lean into the family values and community that you’re looking for.

That’s why we also offer a fully functional gym and workout area that you can enjoy while your child is progressing through their self-defense classes. In fact, this is a great way to bond with your kid. They can learn how to protect themselves and you can get fit at the same time!


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Can Kids Learn Self-Defense?

Yes, and they absolutely should.

Bullying is more of a problem than ever before, and many schools lack the tools or supervisors necessary to protect kids from both verbal and physical bullying, including shoving, hitting, and more. Bullying can be devastating to a child’s self-confidence and personality.

Self-defense martial arts training, at its core, teaches kids that they can protect themselves from physical threats. Not only will this help their self-confidence recover from past or current bullying, but it will also give them the tools needed to stop bullying if their school doesn’t do what’s right.

Beyond that, self-defense is very important for kids so they can protect themselves against potentially dangerous adults. Younger kids and teenagers alike both need to know how to protect themselves from those who may wish to harm them, especially if they spend time away from home because of a job, socializing with friends, or other reasons.

Kids can and should learn self-defense at the earliest opportunity. And there's no better place to go than PANTHER Martial Arts & Personal Training.

At What Age Should You Start Learning Self-Defense?

Technically, it’s never too young to start learning self-defense techniques. Even kids as young as the age of four can start learning basic means to protect themselves or to stay out of harm’s way.

That’s why we offer self-defense martial arts training classes for kids between the ages of 4 and 14. However, we separate our classes roughly by age group and experience level. In this way, younger kids are taught self-defense techniques through games or other social methods while older kids are taught self-defense striking and defense techniques that take full advantage of their enhanced maturity and bodily control.

The sooner your child knows how to defend themselves from physical harm, the better equipped they will be for the rest of their lives.

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Ultimately, there’s no better time to start self-defense training for kids than right now. It’s never too late to start self-defense training – the benefits of programs like our kids’ self-defense classes last for a lifetime. We are dedicated to supplying you with quality & fully organized martial arts classes at a really reasonable expense. Just search "self-defense classes kids near me" and you'll find us on the first page of google. We offer virtual online classes & private session facilities. We also offer a gym where you can train alongside your child.  Want to know more about our youth kickboxing program or sign up for an appointment? Contact us today and ask about a free class